Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Tale of Two Fairies

(A collaboration of a few Ipoh Talk forum members)

Two dainty fairies on the water sit
Their snow white wings by the sunlight lit

Said the left fairy to the right
We’ll both be sunburned by tonight

I’m sure the tan will fade by and by
The fairy replied with a little sigh

Though beautiful rhymes the three have made
Alas ! we know the tan won’t fade

Though it’s often said that beauty is only skin deep
Nevertheless the two fairies’ good looks are for keeps

Thank you guys for your kind words and thoughts
But sun-burnt fairy wings will surely rot

My wings clipped ! Heaven forbid !
Wingless fairies are useless to kids

Dear Liz the fairies cried, it can’t be so
We still need to flit to and fro

So my friends let’s pray for rain
To ease the poor little fairies’ pain

Showers of blessings will come forth from above
To rejuvenate your earthly petals with all it's love

O thank you dear Ken for your prayers so sweet
For the showers of blessings to cool down the heat

Alas! My friends the showers of blessings couldn't save
The poor little fairies that started this rave

Two stars they've become in the dark night sky
Shining on us from the "sweet by and by"

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Element of Love

Ever wondered how we fall in love?
Have we been paired by the stars up above
Do you think that falling in love could be
Divine Intervention for you and for me?

If these feelings are dispensed from Heaven?
How were we matched ? Odd and even ?
How will we know when we are in love?
Will we hear music and bells from above?

Sometimes the person you’ve brushed aside
Will be the one to make you his bride
And sometimes the dashing person you hoped to attract
Will turn out a dull bore and just a gas-bag!

In physics we learn that ‘opposites attract’
Could we be matched, just like magnets?
Little is known of this thing called ‘love’
Has this been destined from up above?

How will you know when love comes to you
Love is as old as time and is nothing new
So prepare for it by making ties that bind
And be more open and alert as love can be blind

This thing called love intrigues me too
It makes no distinction between the rich or the poor
When you find it, be sure to treasure it close
Deep down in your heart, ne’er to dispose!

Take heart my friends for love can be found
In oddest places and it’s all around
Open your hearts and let love in
Some loving heart, you’re sure to win.

~ Liz Sammy-Chin ~

There's Always Light

Your heart is heavy and your thoughts are dark
Call up a friend or take a walk in the park !
Are tears enough to lighten a heart laden with pain
Loneliness preceeds depression like thunder before rain

But today the tears flowed and you knew not why
Will more love and concern keep your eyes dry ?
But the ache from deep within was dark and dense
Cry your heart out, cry without pretence !

You stand at the door and knock but no answer comes
The door to happiness seems shut, where can you run ?
Take heart and remember God’s love for you
He’ll lead you through the darkness and let the sun shine through

Look around you and evidence is everywhere
That you’re in safe hands and God still cares
The sun still shines and the flowers still bloom
God’s love for you will pierce the gloom.

~ Liz Sammy-Chin ~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Sweet Soul .....

For a good friend, Manjit

It’s strange how bonds and friendship grow
For two people who have never met before
At first sight we knew that we’d be friends
Although we didn’t know to what extent

So dear Manjit, I now express my hope that we,
Will always remain good friends like it’s meant to be
I doubt it was by chance that we have met
I think it was destiny’s game and we won the set

In the past year, we’ve shared our joys and tears
A kindred spirit you’ve proven to be a friend so dear
I’ll pray our friendship remains fresh and warm
And survive even the wildest storm

You’re an angel, in more ways than one
Your care for others is second to none
So dear Manjit, stay just the way you are
Always helping people near and far.

~ Liz Sammy-Chin ~


A friend in need is a friend indeed
I know the saying’s true that’s why I weed
So-called friends from the garden of my heart
But three good friends remain never to depart

Let us now differentiate acquaintances from friends
With good friends faithfulness won’t bend
In good times and in bad their support remain
Gossip and slander of you their lips refrain

Let me now tell you one by one
How our friendships blossomed, how they began
Celina’s friendship I’ll always treasure
None other friendship can this one measure

We’ve known each other since our school days
We’re alike in so many ways
This friendship is steadfast and true
We’re so alike in whatever we do

We’ve shared each others joys and pains
We’ve consoled each other come sun or rain
Many will envy a friendship like ours
Our care for each other will never pass

Judy is another friend who is a gem
She’s someone whom I can depend
When help is needed, she’ll readily oblige
In bad times her consolation she’ll provide

We knew each other a long time ago
But now our friendship has deepened more
To a point of sharing our inner most thoughts
This kind of friendship can never be bought

Then there’s Vijaya who is so dear
We can reminisce memories, joys and fears
We became friends through Victor and Joe
Our friendship has survived the highs and the lows

Although there was a time we weren’t in touch
But past memories can mean so much
You never want to lose a friendship like this
So we’ll always keep friendship safe in our midst

These three friends I know for sure
Will share with me the joys and the tears
So dear friends to you I say
May the Lord bless our friendship day after day.

~ Liz Sammy-Chin ~

Conversations in my Garden

(My imagination of what goes on in my little garden patch)

Hello to you Daisy and to you too Marigold
Did you see the little hole that houses Mr. Mole?
No, I didn’t Impatiens as I was fast asleep
But Lily noticed Mr. Snail, into the hole he peeped.

Where is Busy Lizzie, has she opened yet?
Yes, Marigold she has, that’s why her petals wet
But they should be dry as it surely didn’t rain
Maybe it was from the leaves of Mr. Sugar Cane

Oh Miss Rose have you perfumed the garden ?
Butterflies and bees go gather the pollen
Will the little gnomes be able to find
Their tiny toadstools as they’re covered with vine

The dragonflies will have to carry the ants
For their short little journey to the end of the fence
Will you grasshopper stop chomping on buds
And help the poor worms get out of the mud

And now Mr. Frog with your hind legs so strong
Can you lift up the worms to where they belong
And Miss Jasmine with your flowers so fair
Could you help Rose and work as a pair

This is the way a pretty garden ought to be
Plants and insects together in perfect harmony
When evening shadows fall, the garden patch is still
Mr. Cricket emerges out of his lonely little hill.

~ Liz Sammy-Chin ~

Seeds of Love

Sow seeds of love and watch them grow
‘Tis true what they say that you reap what you sow
For I’ve seen the tiny seeds grow and mature
Rooted deep in my sons’ hearts to grow more I’m sure

I’m proud that Don and Jay now know how to care
To sympathize and offer a hand for people in despair
‘Tis not what job they hold or how much they earn
I’m proudest of them how they show their concern

Well my sons, nurture with love that special seed
Be someone’s angel in their hour of need
Give willingly your help and your love
God will bestow blessings from up above.

~ Liz Sammy-Chin ~